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Moving is so overwhelming to think about. Where do I begin?           

New Roots Move Management  will develop a personalized move plan based on your specific needs and circumstances. We will stay with you until everything is unpacked and put away. You'll sleep better knowing that nothing will be forgotten.


I don't have relatives or friends nearby and/or I don't want to ask my children or friends for assistance. What can I do?

New Roots Move Management becomes your extended resource and trusted partner. Others are always free to help or not, to assist as they are able. You continue to make all the decisions and remain in charge.


I have way too much stuff, every surface is covered with paperwork/belongings. I am surrounded by stuff and too embarrassed to have anyone come into my house.

Not to worry! We have seen it all, we promise complete confidentiality.


I have health issues that limit how much I can physically do myself. How am I going to get it all done?

All coordination and physical labor for sorting, packing and disposal is done or arranged for by New Roots Move Management.  You make all the key decisions and retain your energy for more important things.


I have lots of 'stuff'. How will I decide where everything should go?

Our team will help you sort and organize your belongings and guide you through details such as: which charities will take what types of items; names of appraisers that can explain what things are worth; and experts who can arrange estate sales for your valuable possessions. Our Team provides you with the options ~ you make the final decisions.  We can handle as much, or as little as you want.


My present home is so much bigger than my new residence. Are all my favorite things going to fit?

New Roots Move Management will prepare a customized floor plan using your own furnishings. With an accurate floor plan, we will help you determine which of your favorite furnishings and cherished belongings will fit into your new home.


Some of my friends have had bad experiences with movers. How can I be sure that this won't happen to me?

New Roots Move Management will provide you with a list of highly qualified, reliable trusted movers. After a comprehensive home visit, the moving companies will prepare estimates of the time and cost of your pack/move.  You will be able to make an informed decision about which mover to choose.

I have work and family obligations and I don't live near my parents. How can I help them through this highly stressful process?

Careers, family, geography — there are numerous demands placed upon you that may prevent you from being in the place you want to be: helping your loved ones with their move. Take comfort in knowing it is not only your physical presence but your emotional support that helps in this time of transition. We at New Roots Move Management know you are devoted to supporting their well-being.


We work closely with designated family and friends members via email, Facetime/Skype or phone to get your loved ones moved while adhering to the wishes of family members who cannot be physically present. We are prepared to handle sensitive issues that may arise and treat everything with complete confidentiality.


We understand the physical and emotional stresses associated with later lifestyle changes, as well as the ethical, safety and communication issues that accompany working with older adults.


Our family is not really close. How can I be supportive during this difficult time?

Our experience with the move process and with older adults will absolutely lessen family stress. Be assured that everything is being handled in a competent, efficient, and compassionate manner. Communication is key! We will be in touch and keep you informed.


I have limited time but want to be involved. How can I make sure everything gets done and still have time for my own life?

Moving is one of the top 5 most stressful life events.  New Roots Move Management will take care of the things you can't. Consider us your extra pair of hands!

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