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“In addition to her pro management skills, Susan is tireless

in her passion to connect with seniors. Often, seniors feel

invisible, but not in Susan’s eyes; she truly enjoys engaging

with them whether she’s working or in-line at the market!

So when I need someone to help my 92-year old mother with

any task, I go straight to Susan to harness her "Senior Super

Power” and expertise.”

- Elly Katz, Executive Director of Sages & Seekers


“Susan’s daily interactions with our residents are always

compassionate and respectful. She is a “natural” with older

adults, all of whom loved her. Our residents are of varying

cultures and languages, some with both cognitive and

physical impairment ~ a challenge Susan meets with ease

and her wonderful smile.” 

- Fran Godfrey, Wellness Director at 2Life Communities


"Susan has a gift and a zeal for working with older adults. She's got energy and sparkle, combined with a can-do spirit. She's reliable and trustworthy, and works hard. I would have hired her in an instant for my own parents had she been available then."  

- Ann Gordon Volunteer Coordinator Wayland COA


“My 80-year old aunt, who lives on her own in Boston, had a fire in her building. All the residents had to evacuate.  The New Roots Team helped settle my 80 year old aunt into her temporary hotel, cleared out the over-filled apartment, helped her purchase what she needed (new bed, new couch, replacing smoke damaged household items) and later assisted her with the move back into her renovated apartment, helping her set up phone and TV service. This was a true emergency situation, Lisa and Susan handled it quickly and compassionately. My aunt is resettled into her new apartment and all is well.”  

-Mary C.


“The stress and emotion of moving out of our large family home of 25 years while working full time, prepping it for sale and moving to a smaller house was one of our biggest undertakings. The New Roots team developed a floor plan for our new house, helped us sort, purge & pack. In our new home, they helped us unpack and put things in their new place. The help with sorting, packing and dealing with all of the move details was invaluable. We were very pleased with Susan and Lisa’s work, they saved us time and money.” 

-Lou & Alan


“Years of ‘stuff’ had accumulated in our double

garage, it was like a storage unit, it was really stuffed!

We hired New Roots, and over the course of 2-weeks,

Lisa and Susan helped us sort through, give away, toss

and sell the contents of the garage. They motivated us

and we finally got it done. We had homework to do and

we did it. New Roots kept us on track, checked in all the

time, answered questions, brought sorting help, and hired

a mover to do some of the heavy lifting. Working with

New Roots Move Management was a great experience.” 

-Randall and Kelly N.


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